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Ben Woodward, truly inspiring storyteller

If you are looking for a keynote speaker that can speak with authority on the subjects of personal and corporate transformation, corporate crisis, market revitalization with adversity, you’ve found him. 

Ben has confronted government investigations, leadership crises, market decline, adversity, opposition and despair. And through these experiences he has thrived as a business leader, helping companies radically transform, establish uncontested new market space, grow and fall in love with the journey – even when it’s painful. As a speaker his gift for story-telling has audiences laughing and crying as he takes them on an emotional journey of discovery that is always designed to leave people with a clear and compelling commitment to a greater devotion for the company cause and mission. His British humor is always a strong appeal, as are his personal experiences navigating the constant rivalry between corporate culture and business strategy. 

Ben offers keynotes, seminars, workshops, and Masterclasses, both live and virtual that can be tailored and customized to your specific company needs.


Virtual Keynotes
Dedicated studio
Small and large physical conferences
Highly engaging keynotes


Ben is represented exclusively by WCD Enterprises, LLC – Speakers. For inquiries, please contact: 
Wilene Dunn | P. 713-518-4914 |  E.

5 reasons to book Ben Woodward as the keynote speaker of your event


Inspirational Business Leader

Ben Woodward is more than an inspiring speaker. He has the commercial chops that back his message up, not just with case studies and insights into relevant trends, but with personal stories of market crisis and transformation, business turnarounds, and inspiring teams in times of great adversity.


Entertaining Storyteller

Ben has learned that people often forget what they hear but remember how they feel. Tapping into the metaphoricity of our minds, Ben connects each audience member with emotive, entertaining and hugely memorable stories that drive key messages deep into the heart of event participants making his speeches both entertaining and memorable.


Best Selling Author

Ben’s best selling book, The Empowerment Paradox, gives you immediate insight into the depth of his understanding when it comes to conquering adversity and finding purpose in the depths of our challenges. Ben understands this very well and delivers time and time again, ensuring people leave events inspired to be better, to become more and to confront their individual or collective struggles with new found strength and determination.


His Retention Factor

If you are going to spend money on a professional speaker, you want a message that doesn't just impact your event - it impacts your business and your audience. Not only does Ben’s message leave an emotional imprint on audience members that lasts, but the breadth of his service goes beyond simply speaking on stage.


Professional Service Provider

As a consequence of his career background, Ben has hosted events all around the world and hired speakers himself! He understands the priorities of the company when it comes to event management. Ben prides himself in making your experience as simple and stress free as possible. Your five star service begins from the moment you make contact all the way through the post event follow up.