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Ben Woodward, truly inspiring storyteller

If you are looking for a keynote speaker that can speak with authority on the subjects of personal and corporate transformation, corporate crisis, market revitalization with adversity, you’ve found him. 

Ben has confronted government investigations, leadership crises, market decline, adversity, opposition and despair. And through these experiences he has thrived as a business leader, helping companies radically transform, establish uncontested new market space, grow and fall in love with the journey – even when it’s painful. As a speaker his gift for story-telling has audiences laughing and crying as he takes them on an emotional journey of discovery that is always designed to leave people with a clear and compelling commitment to a greater devotion for the company cause and mission. His British humor is always a strong appeal, as are his personal experiences navigating the constant rivalry between corporate culture and business strategy. 

Ben offers keynotes, seminars, workshops, and Masterclasses, both live and virtual that can be tailored and customized to your specific company needs.