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Ben Woodward

BESTSELLING Author | Speaker | strategist | coach

Ben Woodward

Personal Transformation Strategist, and International Keynote Speaker

What do you do when the winds of change don’t simply blow across your business, but smack you when you weren’t looking and when you were least expecting it? Ben Woodward knows this intimately and due to his success has become a highly sought speaker on personal and corporate transformation, market revitalisation and crisis management.

As the author of the best selling book, The Empowerment Paradox, Ben is quickly becoming the go-to person for empowering others in their efforts to turn adversity, struggle and suffering into strength, meaning and purpose. Be it online webinars and Masterclasses, live or digital events, in-person or virtual training and coaching, Ben ensures he is available. Why? Because positive change matters!

The empowerment paradox

Bestselling Author
Discover Ben Woodward’s book
The empowerment paradox. 7 vital virtues to turn struggle into strength’
(Released July 2020)

Whether we are educators, students, business leaders or entrepreneurs, this book has a compelling and relevant message. There is no easy path to true excellence. The timeless virtues Ben Woodward extols are what more of us need in our pursuit of this path.
Russell Foster
CBE, DSc, FRSB, FMedSci, FRS, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience and Director, Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi), University of Oxford
Ben identifies that the true key to self empowerment is found, not in your circumstances but your character. Anyone wanting to break through barriers in their life and be truly Kickasspirational needs to read this book.
David Vanderveen
Chief Operating Officer, New Age Beverage Co
The Empowerment Paradox is a highly readable and absorbing book. It defines Seven Vital Virtues helping us transcend from adversity to strength. It explains why we need to understand these Virtues to feel empowered and fulfilled. A wonderfully, practical and insightful read.
Chris Berry
CBT Therapist BSc(Hons), Advanced Certificate in CBT Higher Diploma in Counselling (Accredited)
As a motivational speaker and life/business strategist, I work with high performance individuals and executives all over the world. The first time I met Ben, I was blown away by his ability to equally lead from his heart and head at the same time. I've watched him captivate a room and similarly make an individual feel they are the only one that matters. He is possibly one of the most genuine people, not to mind leaders, I have ever met. His deep passion for understanding behaviour and adversity mirrors my own, but he humanises the struggle in such a beautiful, heartfelt and accessible way. This book is a must read for anyone wishing to develop as an individual, to grow from adversity and to leverage the curveball. If you are looking for a way through your roadblocks, this is it.
Ken Hughes
Keynote Speaker and world leading Consumer Behavioralist and CX Strategist.
Having shared a stage with Ben, I know what an inspirational speaker and leader he is. It comes as no surprise that he has now written such a wonderful book which is eloquent, engaging and above all, empowering. This is a book which is profound, yet simple and practical. A book which shows you how you can overcome adversity and suffering to live a happy, fulfilled and joyous life.
Sunil Bali
Performance Psychologist, Keynote Speaker, Author and ex Head of Talent, Vodaphone Group and Santander Bank.
Identifying critical virtues, Ben Woodward brilliantly shares how to turn struggles into strengths. Finally, someone eloquently and clearly communicates how the inevitable component of life called “suffering” promotes & supports the desirable component called “strength”. Ben’s sharp, keen and insightful approach empowers us to be victors, not victims and enables us to conduct a more honest self examination so we can progressively develop into a better version of ourselves. This work emphasizes perspective which allows us to see stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. Sharing incredible truths through stories and personal experiences, he encourages us to acknowledge past situations without being limited by them; i.e., our past need not define our future. I am so excited about this book! This volume is a must read. Ben's writing doesn’t just come to help us cope, but to conquer! Enjoy!!
Sandra B. Thornton
PhD (Psychology)University Assistant Professor, retired

Bringing hope and confidence home


With so many conferences and events moving online, you can rest assured that abundant value can be added to your organization with a seasoned and well experienced virtual presenter.

Dynamic, energetic, engaging and thought-provoking, Ben will deliver for you on every occasion.

Inspiring Storyteller

and speaker on conquering adversity and becoming your best self


Ben Woodward is a smart, savvy guy who knows about success. He can help you move forward from inspiration to actually empowering yourself.
Randy Gage
Author of the New York Times bestsellers Risky Is the New Safe and Mad Genius
An essential duty of leadership is empowering others to become the best version of themselves. Ben knows how to do this and critically, he knows how to teach others this skill.
Brian Lee
Co Founder of The Honest Company, Legal Zoom, Shoe Dazzle and BAM Ventures.
Through his book and speeches, Ben helps us not only uncover how we can be bigger than our circumstances, but in doing so, positively impact everyone around us. Powerful!
Peter Strydom
President of Amway Japan



Ben will customize his live or virtual keynote to be relevant and engaging to your specific audience by including relevant and targeted examples.